Orchard revisits in full swing!


Fruit-full trainers are now starting on the revisit schedule to Yr 1 & 2 sites where already planted fruit trees are being assessed to ensure long term orchard sustainability for the next generation of YMCA and Foyer residents, users and the local community.

The first two years are crucial for new trees to establish a healthy root system and thrive in order to produce fruit. With the reality of ongoing staff turnover, changing roles and priorities, as well as the natural fluctuation of residents and users, there is concern that skills and tools are not being passed on to replacement staff members and a new cohort of residents/service users.

So far, the below sites have already benefitted from horticultural maintenance advice such as correct pruning techniques, mulching, watering regimes, pest & disease problems etc.  Turnout from residents and service users has been fantastic which bodes really well for the future!

YMCA Southampton

YMCA North Staffordshire

YMCA Basingstoke


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