Fruit-full Communities at Coventry 'Student Eats' conference


FFC Project Officer Ren Pidduck has been invited to speak at the 'Student Eats' conference, Coventry University Students Union on November 7th 2017.

The conference is billed to be a day filled with all things food - eating, growing & enterprise - in fact perfect for anyone with a stomach!

With the successful project well into Year 2, Ren is excited about using this opportunity to share with students how Fruit-full Communities is benefitting the lives of young people living in YMCA and Foyer housing schemes, supported lodgings and/or attending youth groups. By equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to create productive orchards, it also helps to improve health, wellbeing & future employment prospects. 

Cath Hare, Programme Manager from Our Bright Future, will be introducing the day - registration & refreshments start from 10am.

More details about the fabulous food fest can be found here 





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