YMCA & Foyer Humber FINALIST in YMCA 'Health & Wellbeing Project of the Year'


The Orchard Project at YMCA Humber & Foyer is delighted to have reached the FINAL stage in the 2017 YMCA 'Health & Wellbeing Project of the Year'. 

With funding from Fruit-full Communities, the project was run & led by residents living at YMCA Humber Peaks Lane and Foyer accommodation. Enthusiasm for the project reached beyond expectations with 150 fruit and soft fruit trees planted, improving the environment and encouraging wildlife.

Those residents involved gained skills in horticulture, project management, budgeting and financial planning.  

The project group has also brought in additional funding from the Postcode Local Trust (for the first ever cob house in North East Lincolnshire) and O2 Think Big for an environmentally friendly irrigation system which harnesses rain water using digital, solar powered technology.

With 64 residents contributing 1106 volunteer hours so far, this is a fantastic ongoing project that deserves to win - results are due in November so we're keeping our fingers crossed!



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