Josh reaches FINAL of YMCA Youth Matters Awards for 'Young Volunteer of the Year'


More great news for the Fruit-full Communities orchard project!  

YMCA Humber resident Josh Dean has achieved recognition of his enthusiastic commitment to the Fruit-full Communities orchard project.  

As well as being a hard working and dedicated team member on site, Josh was part of the FFC project's Youth Panel which brought together young people from all over the country to share their orchard growing experiences, discuss aspects of design and maintenance and use their collective voice to inform the project's future.

In addition, Josh has developed his fantastic idea of a solar powered, digital water irrigation system for the orchard.  He successfully pitched it to the O2 Think Big panel and secured £8,300 funding - an amazing achievement! He is now the project lead which involves implementing a timeline, producing a volunteer plan and negotiating materials and equipment.

We hope you agree that Josh is a very worthy FINALIST - results due in November.  

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