Who needs fossil fuels to access fresh fruit?

Reducing carbon emissions

The bigger picture

One important step we can take to reduce our carbon emissions is by choosing to eat food that has been produced more locally. With some foods this is difficult, for example we don’t have the right conditions to grow bananas in the UK. For other foods such as apples, pears or cherries, it makes sense to grow them locally.

Did you know that you can eat a different variety of apple grown in the UK everyday for over 6 years! And yet we import almost 70% of our apples from abroad.....  

By growing more food locally and organically, we are taking positive action to reduce the impact of climate change by reducing our food miles and dependence on crude oil and other fossil fuels.

This makes now a particularly good time to work towards improving our ‘food security’ by producing more local food. The use of small scale organic techniques can help us understand how food production has changed over the course of history while simultaneously helping us to prepare for a low carbon future!

And what about biodiversity? Learn more...

Did you know? Apples are a member of the rose family.


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