“We know how important natural spaces can be for young people’s learning and wellbeing. I am really pleased that Fruit-full Communities will provide these benefits to some of those that have the greatest need.”

Mary Jackson, Projects Manager at Learning through Landscapes

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Weydon's first apple crop! it may be small (partly due to most of the trees having to move home during the summer and just beginning to find their feet), but a momentous occasion all the same! PS sorry for cutting your head off!

Orchard related art work is cropping up all over the school - the project has helped fruit become a part of the school culture!


Apple Day was enjoyed by all

Young trees need a good soaking in warm spring weather


Grafting workshop

An orchard in July - the fruitlets are looking healthy. Photo courtesy of Brighton Permaculture Trust.


An Aerial view of the Ansford nursery

Espalier against wall. Note the wires used to train the branches along. Photo: Wade Muggleton.


Fruit trees can be trained up most surfaces. Photo: Wade Muggleton

The smallest of spaces can still be fruitful! Photo: Wade Muggleton


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