The sustainability and harvest capacity of orchards very much depends on the quality and regularity of the care given to them over a number of years.  For advice on how to do this, please click here to discover downloadable ideas and resources

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Training and pruning fruit trees

Training and pruning fruit trees can seem a daunting prospect, but if you follow a few simple rules, it need not be complicated. All fruit trees will grow and fruit better if pruned regularly and it is a rewarding and satisfying task! 

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Growing fruit trees in containers

Generally speaking, if you want to plant a tree in a container for a long time, choose or build the biggest container you can get away with.

The Orchard Project share their wide knowledge of the conditions required to grow healthy fruit trees in restricted areas.

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How to host a community event at YMCA/Foyer sites on and offsite locations

Hosting events at YMCA and Foyer centres can pose a variety of challenges as can organising events off site and in the community.  In this helpful resource, The Orchard Project shares its wide experience and offers top tips for budgeting, health & safety, promotion etc to help your event go smoothly.

The resource features an example risk assessment for an orchard apple day - very popular in the autumn months.

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YouTube: Vegetable Orchestra

Watch the vegetable orchestra for inspiration on making alternative music!

Good practice on how to take semi ripe cuttings


Trees, Woods and the Green Man

Inspiring and creative designs for orchards.

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