The sustainability and harvest capacity of orchards very much depends on the quality and regularity of the care given to them over a number of years.  For advice on how to do this, please click here to discover downloadable ideas and resources

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Social enterprise - what is it?

A social enterprise is a business which trades in pursuit of a social purpose. What makes a social enterprise different from a traditional business is that it is focused on delivering that social purpose, sometimes referred to as its “mission”.

This resource highlights examples of successful social enterprises, including local food co-operatives, community orchards, farms and coppice groups.

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Choosing what to grow - shape and size

Advice and information to help you choose the right size and shape of tree.  The characteristics of different types of rootstocks and tree form descriptions for apple and pear varieties.

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Things to look out for when planning an orchard

Once your trees are in the ground, they may be there for another century so careful planning now will really pay off!  

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Amazing huge artworks produced from apples at a Swedish Apple Market.

Slow Food UK

A Perry tree can live up to 350 years but what use is this if we don't engage in the reason for the tree being there, understand the land that it stands on and what it can offer us as a community. Slow Food UK is using it's greatest asset, over 50 local groups who are reaching out to the community through their Orchard Project, bringing together communities to ensure the knowledge of our heritage fruit varieties is passed on to the next generation. The first stage of the project is an online survey on the Slow Food UK website to record what you already know about your area.

National Orchard Network

A comprehensive UK-wide resource for finding out about the wildlife that thrives within our orchards, the issues that surround their conservation, and ways that you can get involved

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