Fruit varieties: why local?

Fruit varieties

Selecting the right trees is key to a successful orchard. These are the trees that will be here for decades to come and they don’t like being moved.
By picking trees that are suited to your site conditions (soil type, local climate, microclimate etc.) and varieties that have high pest and disease resistance, you are less likely to have to resort to chemical use (i.e. fungicides and pesticides) to protect your trees. So what are the key considerations for orchard tree selection?

Selecting fruit and nut varieties that have originated from, or are local to your own county, many of which may be less well known, can be an interesting exploration of local heritage. These are likely to favour the local conditions too, so are often a good choice. Read here for more advice on choosing local varieties.

Good research is key to successful fruit choice and we recommend a mixture of interesting heritage varieties for local interest and newer varieties that are good for organic culture (that is they have high pest and disease tolerance which negates the need for chemical sprays).

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Two pronged apple espaliers

Two pronged apple espaliers


Sitting pretty: Willow woven seating around a favourite orchard tree

Sitting pretty: Willow woven seating around a favourite orchard tree

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