“Our Bright Future is an innovative movement for change…..The programme supports young people to develop the skills needed to thrive in the workplace and it does so through the environment. We want to see a generation of courageous and wise leaders empowered to change our world for the better”

Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts

Fruit-full Communities

The Fruit–full Communities project is for young people living in YMCA and Foyer housing schemes, supported lodgings and/or attending youth groups. Watch the video below to see what the young people themselves think about the project and why it is important to support projects like this one:


This project allows young people to take action towards the creation of a sustainable future - a future in which they can pick fresh, organic fruit from just around the corner instead of having it flown from the other side of the world. Not only are the new orchards attracting diverse wildlife, they also transform YMCA and Foyer centres into more productive, more beautiful and inspiring places to live in or visit.

See how residents and staff at YMCA North Stafforshire transformed their outside space here.

See here for a list of centres that are currently involved in the project.

Click here to learn more about how this programme is benefiting young people, our environment and the wider community.

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Apples account for 50% of the world's fruit tree production


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