Last change to apply for funding to plant small orchards in 2018/2019!


If you are interested in joining the Fruit-full Communities Project, this is your last chance to do so. If eligible, your centre can receive, among other things:

  • £3,000 towards creating the orchard
  • £1,000 to help with the management and running of the project
  • Support and advice of specialist facilitators who will work with residents and staff for a period of one year

If you are interested, please contact Renata Pidduck at or 01962 845853 for more details. If you only have a small outside space you can still plant trees, so please do get in touch!

Fruit-full Communities (FFC) project aims to equip young people with the skills and confidence needed to transform green spaces through the creation of orchards. It also helps to improve health, wellbeing and prospects for the future!

We work with young people aged 11-24 living In YMCA or Foyer housing schemes, supported lodgings and/or attending youth clubs at YMCA and Foyer sites.

The project - funded by the Big Lottery - is part of a new initiative called Our Bright Future. Click here to learn more about the FFC project and where we are planting orchards across England and Wales in 2018/2019.


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